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Fernando Zobel de Ayala et al. posing for the camera

(From left: Ashley, Rainer, James, Jutta, Bryan)


This blog post is dedicated to James, one of our esteemed employees and colleagues, for his retirement after a long and storied career here at Alaska Wildlife Guide.


James came to AWG a handful of years ago and has been a reliable and hardworking employee ever since. His dedication to his job, our business, and the success of our team is beyond compare. With his role as our Automotive-Detailer, he has been an example and a friend to many of us.


James is an experienced professional and a person of great enthusiasm and integrity. His many achievements, friendships, and laughs are a testament to his talent and his personality. We are going to miss his upbeat energy and willingness to help out in all areas.


We are so happy that we were able to honor James and his retirement with an intimate going-away party, celebrated with all of us here at AWG.


Please join us in wishing James all the best in his future endeavors.


To James:

Thank you for your years of service and your never-ending joy.  You will always have a family here. We will miss you!

From: Your friends at Alaska Wildlife Guide

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