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Cancellation, Policies, and Disclaimers


The information you provide helps us process your reservation in a timely manner. A final confirmation of service will be sent back to you as soon as possible. Please ensure when you are booking to provide a working mobile/cell phone number that you can be contacted on in Alaska.  Please note that not all US-based cell phone services will work here in Alaska so check with your provider.  We also require a valid email address to which your electronic waiver can be sent prior to your tour.


For most of our tours, a minimum number of guests is required. If the minimum is not reached, we will offer alternative dates. If alternative dates are not acceptable, the tour will be cancelled, in which case we will refund our guests.


We offer a complementary pick up and return for guests on our Northern Lights, Fairbanks Heritage Tour and Summer tours only.  We can only pick up/drop off from hotels and some vacation rentals within the city limits of Fairbanks or North Pole. If you are staying at a vacation rental (such as VRBO or Air BnB), please contact the office on 907 712 4529 (landline) for the closest pick up location.

We do not provide transportation for our snowmobile, dog sledding, ice fishing or snow shoeing tours.

It is important that you let us know the location of where you are staying at the time of booking so that we can schedule your pick up  from your accommodation.  If you do not specify your accommodation details at the time of booking, please contact Alaska Wildlife Guide with the details as soon as they are known so that the pick up schedules  can be finalized and you can be advised of your exact pick up time the day before your tour.


To confirm any reservation, your full payment is required.

We only accept credit cards as a form of payment. Please provide credit card information (MASTERCARD/ VISA, AMEX or DISCOVER), including name as it is on the card, card number, expiration date, 3-digit security code on back side, billing zip-code, and email address at the time of booking.

You can book either online or over the phone.


All tours are refundable under the following conditions

  • The cancellation was made 24 hours or more before the start of your tour (in local time).
  • if we must cancel the tour due to the minimum capacity not being met, dangerous weather conditions, or emergencies.

We are aware that sometimes unforeseen circumstances and illness can prevent our customers from taking their tour. For this reason, we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance before your trip.

Private tours or groups of 8 or more

In order to receive a full refund, cancellation of private tours or groups of 8 or more, including changes to numbers, must be made 30 days or more prior to the date of the tour. No refunds will be given for changes or cancellations made after this time.

Alaska Wildlife Guide will provide a full refund if the tour is cancelled by us.


Punctuality is extremely important when traveling with a group. Our waiting policy is limited. If guests do not arrive within 15 minutes, the guest will be considered a no-show and no refund will be given. This policy pertains to all our tours, including tours beginning from our property.

Any pre-booked/ reservation service, for which you have not checked-in, is considered a no-show and no refund will be issued.

Any reservation not used/claimed is non-refundable.

Alaska Wildlife Guide is not responsible for delayed or missed appointments.


Guest safety is our major priority, hence we reserve the right to cancel or alter any itinerary as conditions require. Any changes made will be in the interest of Alaska Wildlife Guide LLC passengers or as a result of circumstances beyond Alaska Wildlife Guide LLC’s control. In the event where your tour is cancelled by us, you will receive a full refund. There may also be circumstances where a partial but fair refund may be considered.

If you are unable to make it to your tour on time or need to cancel, please contact our office between 9am and 5pm Alaska time on 907 712 4529 as soon as possible.  Our office phone number is a landline and cannot send/receive text messages.


Alaska can be dangerous. Alaska Wildlife Guide LLC will not be responsible for any injuries, illnesses, or death to any and all Alaska Wildlife Guide passengers/guests, including allergic reactions to any substance or food. Alaska Wildlife Guide is not responsible for missed reservations, nor lost, stolen, or damaged property.  Passengers/guests  of Alaska Wildlife Guide LLC are responsible for any damage they cause to our equipment or vehicles.


Alaska Wildlife Guide LLC is required to comply with all Alaska state laws and regulations; i.e., no underage drinking (21 is Alaska’s drinking age).

Alcoholic beverages and/or illicit drugs are NOT permitted in our tour vans!


Prices and information are subject to change without prior notice! Whenever possible, changes to programs or rate changes are posted on our website. Once reservations are confirmed, prices are guaranteed.


Alaska weather can be very unpredictable regardless of season. It is the guest’s responsibility to wear adequate clothing. We recommend dressing in layers. Dress for comfort and safety – not for show.  We recommend Alaska Element for your winter and cold weather clothing solutions.


  • Most of our tours are made using comfortable 10-passenger vans. For safety reasons, all vans are equipped with CB-radio and/or satellite phone.
  • Smoking is not permitted on the vans, but we do have timely rest stops. Alcohol and/or illicit drugs are not permitted in any of our vehicles.
  • Rest breaks – Rest breaks are planned for your benefit and comfort.
  • Safety first – Each person must be seated before the van can proceed. We request that you always remain seated and buckled in for your personal safety.
  • Trip courtesies – To provide a comfortable tour to everyone, we ask that guests rotate their seats throughout the day.
  • Each customer is responsible for his/her belongings. We do have a lost and found at our office in North Pole. Please give us a call if you notice that you are missing something.